Snapchat Poised to Be The Leading Social Media App

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If your consumers are between the ages of 18 – 34 then you need to be advertising on Snapchat. Now, I am not saying go right out and start shelling out $100,000 for an ad right away, but take a look at the data and see why more and more marketers are looking to get onto Snapchat in 2016.

Snapchat’s userbase is chock-full of Millennials

In a report by comScore Snapchat has one of the most highly concentrated number of millennials as users. 73% of Snapchatters are between the ages of 18 and 34. When you consider that Snapchat has over 100 Million Daily Users, then it’s easy to understand the incredible volume of millennials a brand can reach through Snapchat.

graph of millennial concentration on social media



Looking at the other side of this statistic,  60% of millennial smartphone users (Age 13-34) use Snapchat, and that number continues to grow at a rapid pace. Just last year only 24% of U.S. smartphone users (Age 18-24) were Snapchatters, now 58% of young adults are using Snapchat. We find similar user growth (27%) occurring with U.S. smartphone users between 25 and 34 too.

comscore graph displaying snapchats popularity

Engagement is increasing.

When it comes to share of time spent, Snapchat is still behind social media behemoth, Facebook; and Facebook’s recent purchase, Instagram. But how much engagement is occurring on these two platforms?

comscore snapchat market share graph

While Instagram and Facebook still measure activity by the month (400M monthly active for Instagram and Facebook at 1.59B), Snapchat measures their userbase daily. Currently, Snapchat is averaging 100M daily active users with 8B video views each day; a number that matches Facebook’s 8B daily video views and crushes Instagrams 3.B daily Likes.

I want to be sure to highlight the significance of this figure. Facebook defines video views as:

“a view of three seconds or more and will appear for all videos, including those that come to life as people scroll through News Feed.”

That means a person doesn’t even need to engage purposely with your video to have them counted as a video view. Similar to how Instagram’s Like feature requires a user to interact consciously with the image or video; to see a Snap or Story the person has to engage with it. So Snapchat’s 8B video views are from those who wanted to see the video, not those who are passively scrolling past.

Update: So Snapchat decided to add a new feature that jumps to the next Snapchat Story, once the current one you are watching has finished. This new feature will undoubtedly increase video views, but the effect it causes on “intentional engagement” is unknown for now.


Snapchat has become the “go to” for recording fleeting moments.

Go no further than recent viral sensation “Damn, Daniel” for a prime example of how Snapchat has become the leading app for millennials to share video. Yes, the video did spread like wildfire over Twitter and Youtube, but it started on Snapchat.

Damn Daniel sourced from

The reason is that Snapchat is partly a closed environment. While you can upload videos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube well after recording it and share it with your followers, you cannot upload videos to your Snapchat Stories (well not without a 3rd party app). To share a Story on Snapchat, you need to take a photo or video with the Snapchat app. Afterward, you can download your snaps (just as Damn Daniel did) and spread it across all your other social media platforms.


Not a matter of if, but when.

Snapchat is quickly becoming the #1 most used app by millennials. Facebook and Instagram are still leading the pack, but their growth has slowed. Snapchat has been taking over with innovative features like the new and much-loved lenses. Snapchat offers millennials the ability to share and engage with whomever they want without having to scroll through a feed of ads, memes, and continually being asked, “Which Harry Potter Wizard Are You?”. Snapchat offers a personal and authentic environment where we can catch the behind-the-scenes view of the lives our friends, family, and our favorite brands. Snapchat is already a leader in engagement, and soon it will outgrow Instagram as a tool for brands to connect with their consumers.
If you are interested in hearing more about how you and your brand can use Snapchat to reach millennials, then feel free to contact me and let’s get a meeting scheduled.

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